25 Reasons why I (heart) Otres Beach, Cambodia

1. Received hour-long massages for $5 or less, almost everyday
2. The people
3. Jokes about the typhoid “problem”
4. Long swims
5. Delicious lunch of seafood with Khmer spices for lunch everyday
6. One or two or three fresh fruit shakes per day
7. Walks along the empty stretch of beach and contemplated life after Otres Beach
8. Took a boat to a small island and relaxed in the shade
9. Happy hour in Sihanoukville and crazy colored drinks
10. Fantasies about the igloo having air-conditioning @ Done Right Guesthouse
11. Days without using soap or shampoo
12. Came to terms with the sand in my hair, my bellybutton & in between my toes
13. Acquired trinkets from the kids on the beach
14. Ate little crustaceans from the woman peddling food and then prayed
15. Drank beers, smoked funny cigarettes and asked Swedish boys for a kram or a pussah
16. Lounged in papazzan chairs while watching wild lightning light up the sky
17. Long drawn out conversations with funny men named Yan (Jan) from Berlin
18. Read, slept, read, slept and repeated
19. Chased geckos out of the non-airtight igloo for Celine
20. Laughed until I was crying because Celine was so scared of the little gecko
21. Enjoyed a fresh Israeli coffee with the Israelis around noon
22. Celebrated Passover with the Israelis and some other Jews at Loveat (Yes, this blog is not up to date – just deal, I was having fun and didn’t get around to posting!)
23. Appreciated the calm of the morning
24. Watched sunsets
25. Just Be…

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3 Responses to 25 Reasons why I (heart) Otres Beach, Cambodia

  1. RZ says:

    JUST BE …


    Might have to try the Cambodian beaches next time.

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