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Frenemies right from the start! Hoi An, Vietnam

There are some things that I began to welcome while traveling and then there are things that if they never happened again, EVER, I would be ok with. Beautiful towns like Hoi An don’t come along that often, but what … Continue reading

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I am, The Open Road…. Dalat to Nha Trang, Vietnam

I’d been reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, which is little less zen and a little more motorcycle for my taste, but it had me revved up for a real ride on the open road.  Since the first … Continue reading

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Pho sho, pray and shake your cu chi – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Saigon or Ho Chi Minh, the latter the current name for largest city located in southern Vietnam. After spending a few days floating on the Mekong Delta it was a rush to be back in a big city, especially one … Continue reading

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Good Morning Vietnam! Mekong Delta, Vietnam

It was an era long before live news broadcasts with foreign correspondents, skype and instant tweets. A time when news was delayed yet not slow enough for the horrors of a little “skirmish in the jungle” (as my dad always … Continue reading

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25 Reasons why I (heart) Otres Beach, Cambodia

1. Received hour-long massages for $5 or less, almost everyday 2. The people 3. Jokes about the typhoid “problem” 4. Long swims 5. Delicious lunch of seafood with Khmer spices for lunch everyday 6. One or two or three fresh … Continue reading

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12 hours in Kep, Cambodia

I know there were special things to do and see in Kep, Cambodia I just didn’t happen to see or really do any of them. With my Doctor detour in Phnom Penh I arrived a little later than expected with … Continue reading

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Gnome Pen aka Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I wasn’t in Egypt, but I was in da-nial. I hadn’t felt good in days, if not weeks. I didn’t want to admit I was sick but luckily my next stop was in the capital of Cambodia.  After spending a … Continue reading

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The day I faced the Khmer Rouge – Battambang, Cambodia

I stood at the mouth of a killing cave and listened as a man younger than my father recounted his personal story of the Khmer Rouge regime (1975 -1979). My stomach ached and I was sweating, not from the heat … Continue reading

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On the river to Battambang, Cambodia

We floated through the murky waters across the Tonle Sap Lake and down the Sangker River; our shallow boat slowing, lessening the wake, as we approached the floating villages.  I learned that how high up the hill one is able … Continue reading

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Angkor Wat, Cambodia – Ta Prohm trees

The temple courtyard is quiet, the early morning mist still lingering from the evening slumber. I’m alone as I step out of the tuk-tuk and walk towards the entrance, cautious not to trip on the roots stretching like fingers across … Continue reading

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