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Healing powers of Palmukkale, Turkey

One too many overnight buses and couple pomegranate juices later I found myself deeper into the center of Turkey. By the time I arrived at Ephesus I was at the point of, you seen one ruin you seen ‘em all… … Continue reading

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Cappadocia, Turkey: The land of ferries and chimneys

I left Istanbul to explore some of the more “exotic” areas that Turkey has to offer. I planned a loop that took me from Istanbul through the middle of Turkey in the Anatolia region and back all in about a … Continue reading

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From the sky, seeing Cappadocia

To be honest, I haven’t given much thought to my “bucket list”. I find it somewhat morbid and somewhat pointless. My theory is that if you want to do something you should either just do it or figure out a … Continue reading

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Brief encounters with the Turks

I understand it’s the culture in Turkey to welcome people into their stores and offer Turkish tea to visitors, but I have had an abnormal amount of tea as well as interactions with the Turkish people since I’ve arrived. It … Continue reading

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