Bangkok: Same Same but different

A city that most just pass through on their way from point a to point b. Bangkok is a place for a day or two: see the giant lying Buddha and the heavily gilded palace, enjoy cheap street food, see the infamous sex shows and a jumping off point to greater destinations in South East Asia.

I lost and found myself in a city so similar yet so different from all I know. A whirlwind of emotions, vistas, friends, thoughts… I began on this journey only imagining myself seeing, doing, eating, photographing – little did I know that it would that and so much more. Expecting the unexpected is a hard notion but armed with a little common sense and experience I left, six months ago, the comfort of my home, my family and my friends ready for the challenge. Now I sit overlooking an unfamiliar skyline, in an unfamiliar home with a heavy feeling in my heart yet with more sense of power than I ever could have ever anticipated. Many long bus rides, many long train rides, many amazing experiences, many hours of thinking and an unexpected encounter and a few small words has brought me to where I am right now – raw and exposed. In two weeks I will be back in the comfort of my home, with my family and my friends same same, but different.

Bangkok was my point a to point b, but somewhere in between I learned more than I could have expected about life, love, trust, happiness and friendship.  I owe a great deal to many people in my life, those I’ve known forever and those I’ve only just met. Life isn’t just about getting from point a to point b, it’s discovering point a – seeing what’s in between and eventually getting to point b through all the ups and downs.

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2 Responses to Bangkok: Same Same but different

  1. Betsy says:

    What a gift you have given yourself! We await your return with and hope we will share an ‘up country’ weekend with us!

  2. Jill B. says:

    Glad Bangkok did not get you.

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