T-minus 6 days…

When you have a sore throat, you go to the doctor. When your neck is kinked, you rush to the chiropractor. When you’re about to leave for a six month jaunt around the world, who do you turn to? You, or rather I, turn to some well-traveled friends.

A Slovenian, who shall remain nameless for multiple reasons, definitely planted the initial seed at a wedding in Canada. He planted the seed and watched it grow, often wondering if it would ever come to fruition.  He answered the big questions in the beginning like “how did you just leave?” His answer was always “Jadi, you jast hav to doo it!”

Then there was a midtown bar, some beers, copious note taking and some SE Asia travel advice from a co-workers boyfriend.

Miss Brooklyn, who it seems has been everywhere! You name it, she’s been there. One night, I received not one, not two but probably 10 emails each marked with the subject lines reading Vietnam 1, Vietnam 2…Thailand 1, Thailand 2… Cambodia 1….The emails are so dense that I have yet to sift through the entire lot of information. I figure I have some time before I actually hit those countries. Now, Miss Brooklyn didn’t just send me a shit ton of emails. She also calmed my fears while we basked in the sun at the glorious Red Hook Pool, or over a drink at our local watering hole or via gchat.

How could I forget Mr. Venice Beach. My long-lost buddy from CCHS. I knew the kid had lived in Amsterdam and worked all over, but boy was I in for a surprise. He wrote me lists, designed maps and even contacted a buddy in Turkey. Unfortunately, I bagged going to Amsterdam, his main squeeze, because I have enough information to make Rich Steves look like an amateur.

Oye, Ames – words cannot express how many hours this Mensch put in to help me prepare. Can a woman be Mensch? Not only did she help plan my rough itinerary through India, listen to me freak out, but she supervised the initial packing extravaganza. Wow!  If it wasn’t for Ames I would probably have four “cute” dry clean only tops, the thickest fleece I own, 2 pairs of heals and a tiara (just to name a few things that one should not pack while embarking on a round the world adventure).

Lastly, for the last dose of my pre-game prescription I landed at the Zube’s last night. The Zube’s you have to understand are a loud bunch who I’ve known since college. I swear, they  have cumulatively been around the world and back several times. I got serious packing tips like; P.E.K Personal Emergency Kit. Double the amount of TP one may need in any given “emergency” bathroom situation, handy wipes (swiped from KFC), all neatly rolled and stored into a snack size ziplock bag. Lot’s of eye contact but  NOT too much smiling. Apparently it’s a sign of weakness?  Oh yeah, my favorite was when Mr. Zube brought out all his bags and showed me how to pack. I have to admit, the first thing I did this morning was go on http://www.ebags.com and order a few items.

There were countless other friends and family members who offered their friends of friends couches, to hook me up with someone they may or may not know in random places, tips, tidbits and even solicitations. Some have been fruitful, some not so fruitful. Mostly it’s the thought that counts and the support I have received.

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4 Responses to T-minus 6 days…

  1. I’m going to miss you especially on New Year’s! Have the time of your life!

  2. Sarah says:

    Look at you and your blog! I’ve signed up for “immediate” email updates and I am also following you on Twitter. Not sure how else I can stalk your travels but if there are any others let me know. Can’t wait to experience your (r)evolution with you!

  3. Sarah says:

    Oh wait, I DID find another way to stalk you. Just added you as a contact on Skype. With Facebook and email as back-ups, I think we are covered. xo

  4. Miss Brooklyn says:

    I just found this tribute post. And now look at you, you’re already a traveling vet! Looking forward to the stories to come…

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