Travelin’ light “ish”

Surfas-ing in London

As Widespread Panic once sang, Travlin’ light is the only way to fly….

I tried. I really, really tried. Although my amazing space planning skills really paid off, I left zero square inches to spare and I weighed in at roughly 185 lbs (including myself and all the clothes on my back). I was the girl with five baskets going through security. Plus, I managed to slip through with multiple no no’s including but not limited to: a Swiss army knife, multiple bottles of various liquids, and a nail scissor.

I didn’t get so lucky at the gate; they forced me (and many others) to check bags. I had to quickly find my sleeping pills for the second over night leg of the trip and do a  shuffle of my belongings.  The flight to London was breezy; I watched a stupid movie, and fell asleep with ease.

Getting to Molly’s was a different story. London connect – check. Brown line on the tube – check. Actual building address – oops. Luckily for me I have a nose for finding posh café’s where people are kind enough to sift through American and British coins to determine how many you need for a latte, they print out maps for you and eventually let you borrow a phone to ring your friend.

So I made it to London. I’m sure jet lag will kick in soon, but first we’re off for a pint. Is it gluten free when it’s a pint or will I have to stick to cider and hope all goes well?!

In case you’re wondering I had a massive case of the nerves today while driving to the airport with my parents. It was like the feeling I get right before going over a drop while skiing. It’s a mixture of being slightly scared and slightly exhilarated. This must be the same. It’s scary looking over the edge, but once I go off I’ll have an amazing ride and want to do it again and again.

before        after


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2 Responses to Travelin’ light “ish”

  1. Aimee says:

    I spy some “ugly” shoes… and the two bottles of bug repellant in the picture- *feeling relieved!* Hope you’re enjoying London!!

  2. Cinda Farinacci says:

    Jodi! Have a wonderful wonderful time! I am looking forward to your blogs! Travel safe!!!

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