Hop on, Hop off, shake a little groove tonight!

Yes, I spent 2 days riding around on the Original Big Bus Tour of London. Yeah, yeah totally dorky but totally fulfilled my dream of riding around on a big bus in NY!

I pretty much hit the highlights of London: Big Ben, Parliament, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, City Hall, The London Eye, another bridge, Piccadilly Circus, Harrods, another bridge, Westminster Abbey, Hyde Park, changing of the guard etc. etc. etc. I also shamelessly took the free boat that went on the Thames River. It was all a bit breezy and cheesy and lazy, but I did it and I’m proud!

I busted a groove for about 10 minutes at some lowereastsidegrittyclubishtype establishment after dinner on Saturday night – don’t worry I had on my Al American denims and “trainers” (aka white running shoes). Whatev’s, we were already about 10 years too old for the area so my costume only added humor to the situation!

I’m now in Johannesburg, South Africa and I have a 5:30 am pick up tomorrow morning. I’m heading East to Kruger National Park on a 4 night safari to see the BIG 5! I’ll be staying in a tree chalet among the wild beasts – http://www.nthambo.comI’m pretty sure I’ll be out of internet range, so until next week….

Happy Thanksgiving

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2 Responses to Hop on, Hop off, shake a little groove tonight!

  1. katherine says:

    so jealous! hope you see the big 5!

  2. Laura says:

    So glad your re having so much fun!!! Can’t wait to hear about Africa! Happy thanksgiving…I am sure it will be a memorable one!! Miss you!!

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