Straight from India…

To quote an email I received from a friend just a few days ago while, BTW, I was still in Israel. “Right about now I imagine you’re pissing yourself in India.  It’s so overcrowded and dirty.  How do they handle the food?  Do they handle the food?  Who’s been handling this food?  Its just…its just that, its India.  India!  I mean India, of all places!”

Today I did almost piss myself, but not really. After a 9 hour layover in what some might call hell I arrived in Delhi at 1:40am. I had a whirlwind of a day, to say the least, but exactly 24 hours after landing I’m totally ready to get this party started!

Yes, it’s all the thing I was told; it’s crowded, loud, there are weird things I had to step over on the streets and beyond all else it’s hectic – shit, is it hectic!. But the smells were inspiring as well as suspicious,  I ate with my hands without hesitation not once but twice and my taste buds burst into the flames each time, I bought new genie pants for $3 because my  jeans have crotch holes, my new friends told me my name means couple or pair in Hindi, I danced at a nightclub and took a little cab back to my home and I saw beautiful colors and shapes at every turn that make me excited for another day in this crazy place they call India.

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4 Responses to Straight from India…

  1. Rudy Zubiate says:

    I am truly envious of your experiences. Put in your calendar to stop in for dinner and debriefing session when you get back.
    Happy travels,


  2. Sarah Baker says:

    No pics of India?! I can picture the colors and the smells! BTW, got your postcard today – mailed one month ago! I love it. Share some pics soon, be safe and have fun!

  3. 977 followers…
    There must be some kind of mistake. 😛

    Sounds like you are enjoying yourself.
    Happy Lunar New year to a fellow fire dragon.



  4. Erin says:

    Isn’t it just Sensory overload?! I love the colors especially. And the food. Enjoy! And watch out for cows!

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