The only way is…

Essex! Yes, I’ve come part of the way around the world to watch trash TV. Please find a way to watch the British show, The Only Way is Essex, it’s f’in hilarious. Granted, I couldn’t understand half the things they were saying but between the instant replay and a native translator I was rolling on the floor in laughter!

I did see some more London-esque sights, like Big Ben and the Parliament. Apparently though driving around the round-a-bout saying “kids, Big Ben the Parliament…” is only funny to Americans. After getting the subway card stuck in the little machine (Yes, I got the card stuck. Contrary to a NY attendant the lady at the subway was so helpful; she politely explained how I did it incorrectly and helped me retrieve my jammed card.)  From there I was able to navigate my way around the tube to the Waterloo station where I cruised the Thames and popped into the Tate Modern.  I walked the Millennium bridge at dusk, which btw happens at 4:30 – seriously annoying. Yesterday was a brilliant day though in London, blue skies and warm in the sun – until 4:30. Then the fog and mist rolled in and my hair went to shit. Tangent…Ok, that’s a lie -it’s been shit since I got here. I miss my deva products but I’m learning to deal! I have also started to love real deodorant! Yes, the kind with the nasty aluminum that supposedly causes cancer in the pits. It may be cancer causing, but when you want/need to wear the same shirt multiple days it does wonders for upkeep.
Notting Hill, Fringe Theater, a pub, Portabello Road, Abbey Road, another pub for a pint (or two), a traditional English Sunday Roast and the football match England vs Espana. I saw, I drank, I ate and now I’m in Manchester.

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  1. erin gleeson says:

    You should call Howard while you’re there! Have fun!!! Love that close up shot of you on the water…xx

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