An ode to an architect: Le Corbusier Chandigarh, India

Chandigarh, India the first planned city

Large buildings made of concrete and glass

Only an architect will find it pretty

The grid makes it easy for cars to pass

Massive in scale his signature style

Woven tapestry’s on the wall

Dramatic shapes in the air

Bright colors to add a smile

Doors that pivot and are tall

For India this city is rare



I met the greatest French woman, Caroline, in Chandigarh. She wore orange crocs, everywhere! We met in the tourism office above the stinky bus station; she was getting the low down on Chandigarh and I was weighing my options (per usual) about whether to make Rishikesh or Varinasi my next stop. She is a reformed architect living on a boat with her not husband husband. We explored and tired ourselves in Chandigarh while discussing the perils of architecture and how much we both would prefer not to work for a living.

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3 Responses to An ode to an architect: Le Corbusier Chandigarh, India

  1. katherine says:

    LOVE this post! xo

  2. I might use that pivot door in my next project.

  3. Miguel Q says:

    Wonderful pictures, once again.
    I loved your introduction “only an architect will find it pretty” …..sadly, LC was a bit of a megalomaniac, specially toward the end of his life

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