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My last days in India…Ooty, Mysore, Chennai

My last few days in India were a complete shit show full of countless bus rides, a severe case of butt-o-sis (a chronic form of butt aching that comes from sitting too long) and bartering. With my two new Dutch … Continue reading

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“I love Munnar” – Munnar, India

Munnar has a fairytale like quality, getting there however is far from waving a simple wand. For many hours it’s Space Mountain at Disneyland; the trip is long, over many windy roads and on a “government” bus.  A government bus … Continue reading

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Kochi, India – A wandering Jew in search of a synagogue

As a shrimp eating, cheeseburger loving, more spiritual than religious wandering Jew… I was on a hunt for a synagogue in India – seemed like the perfect plan while in the neighborhood. Cochin is a quaint little town in the … Continue reading

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Heaven in Hampi, India

Love, love LOVED Hampi! I arrived in Hampi dazed after a very hot, all day train with some Brits and a big German. The German and I shared a rickshaw through the bumpy roads past the typical local temples, the … Continue reading

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Spring Break 2012 – Goa, India

What to say about Goa? It’s beaches, in India. But what does that really mean? To me Goa is: Cows on the beach, little Vagator (my beach), woman selling sarongs, children selling bracelets, trance parties, cheap drugs (so I hear), … Continue reading

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Part III: The American Princess in Mumbai, The “real” world

Sometimes on vacation, or extended vacation in my case, we forget that the earth keeps spinning and people keep working. Since Shubham, aka Boom, and I met in Graduate school (New York University, Construction Management) it was only appropriate that … Continue reading


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Part II: American Princess in Mumbai, the Dohbi Ghat

When I explained where I wanted to go she looked at me so inquisitively I could almost hear her thoughts “laundry? of all things why laundry?”  Momma Boom was a little worried, so she did what any good mother would … Continue reading

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Part I: American Princess in Mumbai, the Darvi slums

Dirty, hungry and tired I arrived to the Mumbai airport after traveling in India for almost a month. I had a rendezvous at the regional terminal with my friend, we’ll call him Boom, around 11am. Boom and I met at … Continue reading

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A palace, a palm reader and a glorious lake – Udaipur, India

Oh Udaipur, you left a lasting an impression and are definitely one of the places I could have stayed longer but didn’t for reasons only a calendar demands. You brought me lovely new friends from San Francisco, a palm reader … Continue reading

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Heebs, Hippies and Hindus– Pushkar, India

A gentle mix of  Boulder, Colorado and Haifa, Israel in a little Indian village really hit a soft spot. I don’t know if I was craving hummus or missing patchouli but the mixture was irresistible. One day turned into four … Continue reading

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