A palace, a palm reader and a glorious lake – Udaipur, India

Oh Udaipur, you left a lasting an impression and are definitely one of the places I could have stayed longer but didn’t for reasons only a calendar demands. You brought me lovely new friends from San Francisco, a palm reader who told me about the future and the lake which glittered below the skyline.

Udaipur was enchanting and peaceful on so many levels; however, I have no crazy stories to report from this little town except it was a great way to end my time in Rajasthan. Our short time in Udaipur was filled with lux meals, cable cars, posh hotels and magical sunsets overlooking the lake.

We, my new friends and I, took a boat to a palace on the lake and had one of the most expensive lunches you can find in India. It wasn’t anything special, just sandwiches and an expensive boat ride around the lake (which made everything worthwhile). I know what you’re thinking, how do I meet people while traveling on the road? Well, these particular people I met on the train platform while on route from Pushkar to Udaipur. I saw them, the few Westerners, and practiced the rule of three while traveling in India – always ask the same question three times to make sure you’re where you want to be; it just so happen that this threesome had a local American Punjab so I knew I was golden.  As fate would have it, they were sitting one row ahead of me on the one and only air-conditioned train I would take in 7 weeks.  We started talking, it was love instantly and the rest is history.

Traveling out of a backpack for many months causes one to lower their standards far below a motel 6 and dream of the day when hot water isn’t extra, clean sheets are a given and the door locks with a key – not a padlock. Even though I’m pretty sure I hadn’t showered with shampoo in a few days The Leela Palace welcomed us with tabla singers, a refreshing glass of ice tea and a topnotch tour. If I can’t stay at one of the most expensive hotels I’ll take the next best thing, a tour of one of the most expensive hotels on Lake Pichola. To continue the feeling of living the high life I made it a point to visit the Palace. While I was in Jaipur I had skipped the palace because I was told the one in Udaipur was designed by the same architect and was much better. I totally dorked out, took the personal audio guide and wasn’t disappointed.

Udaipur, until we meet again…..

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9 Responses to A palace, a palm reader and a glorious lake – Udaipur, India

  1. Cindy says:

    just exquisite! i’m speechless.

  2. Nikki Kelsay says:

    Hi Friend! I love your stories and your photos. You are going to be able to make a mint off of your pictures when you return. I love you and wish you continued safe travels. I have your postcard up on the fridge until your safe return.

  3. Natalie Payne says:

    I love following your blog and your travels. You are an amazing writer and I can’t wait to see where your adventure goes next! Travel safe!


  4. borealfad says:

    I miss you… And I so glad that you are having such an incredible experience. Happy Passover.

  5. ihatecamp says:

    love the pic of the birdcages! great shots as usual. xo

  6. chris constantinople says:

    love the pic of the birdcages! great shots as usual.. xo

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